Our Mission

UP and Learning Unfolding potential, Learning together

Up and Learning is a not for profit organisation whose main goal is to provide the necessary After School Club(s), promoting the empowerment of children by encouraging them to actively participate in the construction of their personal and social identities.


We offer children a range of activities plus a safe, friendly environment where they can just "chill out". 

  • All activities and educational practices are monitored and evaluated against the educational purposes of UP& Learning following the PSE for schools. Our aim is that children gain awareness and self-esteem, a sense of purpose and belonging, and develop mutual cooperation and community building skills. 
  • We follow the Children and Young People’s PARTICIPATION STANDARDS for Wales (as established by the Welsh Assembly). We use the Participation Standards as a tool to promote self-empowerment and mutual cooperation. Children will be encouraged to take an active part in the running or their clubs and develop autonomy. Their views will be listened to and taken into account for the organization and daily running of the clubs.
  • We address issues related to the USE OF ENGLISH (1st or 2nd language)
  • We work following play work principles and cooperative education principles.
  • We offer volunteer opportunities and working opportunities. We promote the participation of volunteers and professionals from the outside and inside local community in our activities. We promote the involvement of parents, in order to reinforce community cohesion and participation of families in the children’s education.
  • We offer training for our staff and volunteers.